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Traditional Finishes

Specialist decorating is a diverse art form utilising a variety of techniques such as fine decoration, faux wood graining, faux marbling, oil and water gilding, murals, trompe l'oeil and faux paint finishes they have long been accepted and appreciated as a traditional form of decoration; they do not attempt to deceive the observer, but rather to convey to the mind, by suggestion, the abstract idea expressed. Their utilitarian advantages are fully recognised, but their aesthetic value depends entirely on the exercise of good taste in selecting the most fitting material, pattern, or finish for a specific surface.

Wood Graining Faux Wood Finishes

Marbling Faux Marbling

Gilding Gilding
Paint Finishes Paint Finishes

Trompe l' Oeil Trompe L' Oiel

Mural Techniques Mural Techniques
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