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Decorative Effects comprises a highly-skilled team of creative artists - specialising in the interior decoration and restoration of both private and commercial properties. Based in Surrey, our work takes us throughout the UK, and abroad.

About Decorative Effects
We have a large team of specialist decorators, gilders and craftsmen, all highly skilled within their particular fields of expertise...

Traditional Finishes
Specialist decorating is a diverse art form utilising a variety of techniques such as fine decoration, faux wood graining, faux marbling, oil and water gilding, murals, trompe l'oeil and faux paint finishes they have long been accepted and appreciated as a traditional form of decoration...

- Wood Finishes
Perhaps the widest appeal of wood graining lies in its unobtrusive richness, quality of finish, variety of colour and pattern and the soft translucency enhanced by subtle effects of light and shade. For graining to deceive the eye and appear authentic, it is absolutely essential that the ground colour upon which the work is carried out is smooth, level and above all free from brush marks and dust.

- Gilding
Oil, sometimes known as architectural gilding is used for general decoration. Such finishes are normally applied to fibrous plaster mouldings,as commonly found in the interiors of historic buildings.

- Water Gilding
The application of water gilding requires expertise as well as an artist's eye. It is a fragile, expensive and devilishly fickle material to work with.

- Marbling
The name "marble" derives from the Greek word "marmaros" meaning "shining stone". Embodied within this charming understatement lies one of the most revered of all building materials, capable of producing the most stunning of visual effects. It is available in an enormous variety of colours and patterns, all of which can be replicated using the faux marbling technique.

  - Murals
Murals today are painted in a variety of traditional and non-traditional ways, using oil or water based media, and vary in style from abstract to trompe l'oeil.

- Trompe L' oeil
Trompe l'oeil literally translates from the French to mean "fools the eye". A technique of painting that requires a meticulous attention to detail on the part of the artist.

- Paint Finishes
Faux paint techniques capture the visual impact and warmth of textiles through the use of inspiring colour palettes and innovative glazes. Specially designed applications achieve incredible depth, texture and an interplay of light and colour, by creating bespoke wall treatments for your home.

Conservation & Restoration
Decorative Effects were asked by the appointed conservators Humphries and Jones to reinstate and restore the eighteenth century neo-classical murals on the gallery staircase at Boconnoc House, Cornwall.

Contemporary Finishes
The appeal of contemporary finishes is boundless. Styles and techniques of the past are incorporated into the trends and materials of the present day, by the use of traditional Italian Venetian plasters or lacquer finishes that create a balance that exists between colour and design. Appreciated for its timeless virtues of sleek lines , open spaces and rich colour palettes that transform and enhance this truly luxurious style.

Contact Sarah Butt:
Mobile: 07958 409245
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